Membrane, entrance and accessibility repairs

STM McGill

Customer :

Montreal transport Company

Project description

The work of this contract consists of the repair of the waterproofing membrane, the addition of two (2) elevators, the construction of a new Metro entrance and the redevelopment of premises at the McGill station.

  • Excavation and reconstruction of pavement and sidewalk
  • Replacement of the entire existing membrane
  • Renovation of three existing entrance buildings (811 Maisonneuve, Maisonneuve, De la Cathédrale)
  • Various urban infrastructure reconstruction works (demolition and reconstruction of electrical massifs, street lighting, aqueduct, street furniture, etc.)
  • Construction of a kiosk allowing the installation of an elevator
  • Addition of an elevator between the mezzanine and the platform level
  • Temporary relocation work of the perception line from the west entrance to the mezzanine level
  • Redevelopment work on several premises at the quay level
    Various related works
Customer :
Montreal transport Company
Localisation :
McGill Station, Montreal
Services :
Repair of the membrane, aedicule
Addition of 2 elevators
Duration :
January 2020 to December 2021
Project Director :
Marie-Claire Baril