Minganie Aquatic Complex


Customer :

MRC of the Minganie, Quebec

Project description

The Minganie aquatic complex project consisted mainly of the construction of a 1,500 m² storey building in the municipality of Havre-Saint-Pierre.

This building included, a swimming pool with wading pool, changing rooms with showers and bathrooms (men and women) and a mezzanine.

The works included, among others:

  • Dewatering of the work site using filter tips;
  • The excavation and embankment of the building;
  • Civil works of water, sanitation and fire system for connection to the municipality’s network;
  • Concreting work;
  • Erection of the steel and wood structure;
  • Process mechanical work for the pool;
  • Electrical work to connect the building to the electrical network;
  • Complex architectural finishes: swimming pools and exterior cladding in prefabricated panels;
  • Landscaping.


Customer :
MRC of the Minganie, Quebec
Localisation :
Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec
Services :
Construction of a new building with pool
Duration :
April 2016 to December 2017