In the building sector, Cegerco specializes in the industrial and institutional sectors.

As a general contractor, we can carry out for you either project management, design-build, turnkey or any building to be restore, our team of professionals is attentive to the client.

Since 1976, Cegerco built industrial, commercial and office buildings of all kinds, everywhere in Quebec: in back country, in urban areas and in industrial parks.

We also restore and renovate historic buildings, while preserving the original materials.

Fire and ambulance service building – Fermont

Fermont, Quebec

L’Oreal Canada – St-Laurent Town

L’Oreal Canada

Civil Works

Cegerco stands out for its ability to carry out highly complex projects, repair and rehabilitation projects, in all sectors of civil engineering work.

According to the mandates entrusted to it, Cegerco has been carry out, building and refurbishing projects for more than 45 years. Whether it be :

Infrastructure : bridges, roads et wharves;
Energy : power houses, spillways, water intakes and dykes;
In the mining sector : silos, conveyors, crushers, etc.

Depending on the requirements of the mandate, either in project management, design-build, turnkey projects, execution, etc.

We invite you to find more about our achievements.

Construction of two concrete silos – ArcelorMittal (AMMC)

ArcelorMittal Mines Canada (AMMC)

Construction Latchford Dam – North Bay, Ontario

Publics works and Canada Services

Cegerco stands out for its ability to carry out highly complex projects

Cegerco has demonstrated its strength in special projects and in various environments. Whether in water, in the air, underground, in confined spaces or in an environment with extreme temperatures, Cegerco’s team solves and innovates according to the project to be carried out.  Thanks to the participation of employees who constantly show ingenuity and creativity for solving particular problems, everything is done in compliance with the client’s goals.

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