Construction of the Dam, excavation and concreting Spillway

Romaine 1

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Project description

For this project, Cegerco partnered with a specialized company in excavation and backfill partner to form a consortium: CFG (Cegerco – Fernand Gilbert). Our partner completed the blasting, the excavation and the embankment portion of the dam, for approximately 524,000 m3 of backfill, while Cegerco completed the construction of the spillway, the installation of the valve guides and the erection of the bridge at the top of it. The design flow rate is 3,100 m3 per second. Cegerco poured and put in place about 20,817 m3 of concrete.

The construction of the spillway consisted of two central pillars and end walls to allow the realization of 3 sluices for the passage of water. These structures were built on chute following the hydraulic profile specified by Hydro-Quebec’s engineering departments. All these elements required precision in the placement of concrete.

The installation of the valve guides is an element that requires a very high precision, because these guides must receive the valves of the spillway and ensure a perfect seal.

On top of the pillars and end walls, more than 20 meters high, we erected a bridge made of steel structures and concrete slabs to allow access to the regulatory infrastructure waters.

Cegerco has achieved its part of the work ahead of all planned deadlines and executing them by respecting its high standards in health, safety and environment.






Customer :
Localisation :
Romaine 1, Quebec
Services :
Concreting Spillway - Dam construction
Duration :
From 2013 to 2015
Consortium :
Cegerco-Fernand Gilbert (CFG)