Construction of generating stations

Rapides-des-Coeurs and Chute-Allard

Customer :


Project description

Concrete work

In consortium with Demathieu et Bard, Cegerco built two (2) hydro-electric power plants of six (6) units each, respectively with a capacity of 76 MW for Rapides-des-Cœurs and 62 MW for Chute-Allard.

The work involved:

  • The installation and concreting of door guides for the water intake and vacuuming equipment;
  • The installation of the building steel frame on the generating station;
  • The installation of the building architectural shell, such as the roof, walls, doors, etc.;
  • Access work to the plant.

Supply and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment and architectural work

Design and construction of civil engineering work in consortium with Lambert Somec (CLS)

Architectural and civil engineering work

Ventilation, electricity and plumbing work

Final cleaning



Customer :
Localisation :
Mauricie, Quebec
Services :
Built two (2) hydro-electric power plants:
- 76 MW for Rapides-des-Cœurs
- 62 MW for Chute-Allard
Duration :
2006 – 2007 - 2008
Consortium :
Demathieu et Bard