Power Plant concreting

Romaine 4

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Project description

The concreting works of the Romaine 4 Power Plant  had been given to another contractor. At the end of 2019, Hydro Québec stopped work with a 30% progress and, through a call for tenders with qualifications, awarded the continuity of work to another contractor who would ensure that its objectives were met, both at the planning level and especially at the Health and Safety level.

On March 13, 2020, Hydro Québec opted for the Nordex-Cegerco Consortium, which together carried out nearly 80% of the concrete work on the entire Romaine complex.
The remaining work, about 70% of the work, involved concreting to allow the installation of forced pipes, spiral sheeting and electrical equipment by a third-party contractor. After the installation of this equipment, we carried out the coating with concrete to ensure their long-term stability. This work required precision and thoroughness to ensure that no movement of existing equipment would take place and that the concrete encapsulated the equipment perfectly to avoid vibration during the subsequent operation of the plant.

In parallel with the concreting work, we carried out the architectural work of the development of the plant, mainly the roofing and insulation work of the plant.
The plant has two turbine-generator units and is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022. It will have an electricity generation capacity of 245 MW.
We are very proud that our Health & Safety reputation has weighed in the award of this contract and that we have completed works with zero major accidents on the site.


Customer :
Localisation :
Romaine 4
Duration :
March 2020 - December 2021
Cost :
85.5 M$
Project Director :
Sébastien Sheehy