La Prairie Substation

Customer :


Project description

The project involved the construction of a new 40 m x 13 m x 4 m control building for the La Prairie substation in Brossard. We also had to demolish an old rain line and then rebuild about 130 m of rain line, 3 manholes and finally connect the new building to this line.

Main challenges and constraints encountered during the project:

  • The construction of a building in a living substation is in itself one of the greatest constraints of the project.
  • The POSTE ET CENTRALE work safety code was in effect, which required us to be rigorous and plan with the subcontractors. We had to plan their training according to the progress of the work, with limited space for training.
  • We had to wear a fire-retardant all-over cover and a Work Manager had to be present at all times when a worker was at the construction site.

Details of the work performed are as follows:

  • Concrete, wood, plastic and composite products
  • Thermal insulation and sealing
  • Openings, closures, finishing and special structures
  • Fire, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Electricity and electronic protection
  • Utilities and earthmoving services

For civil engineering work, we were required to perform the following tasks:

  • Demolition of work
  • Rock excavation, excavation and filling
  • Drainage with concrete pipe, pvc and corrugated plastic
  • Manholes
  • Temporary parking development and subsequent site remediation

To finalize this, electrical, grounding and telecom work was required.

Customer :
Localisation :
Brossard, Québec
Services :
Control building construction
Civil works
Duration :
April 2019 to November 2019
Project director :
François Caron
Particularity :
Work performed continuously under voltage