L’Oreal Canada

St-Laurent Town

Customer :

L’Oreal Canada

Project description

Partners: NFOE architect, Calculatec, BBA

L’Oreal, as part of its expansion, added a production line to its plant in Ville Saint-Laurent, which required an expansion.

Given the impact on existing production, the project management formula was best suited for this type of work, because maintaining existing production was a crucial issue for L’Oreal. The non-contamination of the finished product must be ensured at all times. This type of project requires a very fast response time and a lot of flexibility in the management of subcontractors and professionals.

This project is in addition to several others that Cegerco has carried out for L’Oreal. Since 1995, L’Oreal has entrusted the majority of its important work to Cegerco.

Customer :
L’Oreal Canada
Localisation :
Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec
Services :
Design with partnership
Plan and construct the building
Integration of process services
Duration :
2014 - 2015
Partners :
NFOE architect, Calculatec, BBA