Construction of a laboratory

Eleonore Mine, Goldcorp

Customer :

Opinaca Mines ltée

Project description

Under the leadership of SNC-Lavalin, Cegerco built the laboratory for the Eleonore mine. Juxtaposed with the concentrator and the chemical warehouse, this laboratory is in the heart of the mining complex, 80 km from the Sarcelle power station, which was carried out by Cegerco from 2010 to 2012.

Cegerco has taken up certain challenges, including:

  • Removal of frozen ground to rock to allow the construction of foundations to be anchored with 450 anchors
  • The coordination and organizational logistics in relation to the 17 subcontractors and suppliers who worked together through their actions in the factory for the manufacture of custom-designed equipment and assigned to the 35 laboratory premises
  • Delivery to a remote site that is difficult to access and the installation of various specialized laboratory equipment.

Cegerco and its subcontractors have set up, on schedule, the first mining laboratory in the James Bay sector, to the satisfaction of the client, Goldcorp.

Customer :
Opinaca Mines ltée
Localisation :
Opinaca reservoir, Baie-James
Services :
Test laboratory C-4902
Duration :
March 2013 to October 2013