Fenestration, reparation of the parapet and frontage wall

Beauharnois Dam

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Project description

The Beauharnois power station is one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in the world. It is a run-of-the-river power plant almost a kilometer long. It is made up of 38 generator turbine groups and two spillways.

Cegerco’s work was mainly architectural. They included the replacement of each of the windows on the front of the plant, including their motorized shutters. We are talking about nine (9) large windows per generator turbine group.

We also had to redo the parapet on frontage. This part of the work included the replacement of large decorative stones, sections of brick to be redone on frontage wall, as well as a wooden parapet, upstream of the power plant, along its entire length. This parapet is used to protect the expansion joint between the dam and the power plant itself.

Customer :
Localisation :
Beauharnois, Quebec
Services :
Fenestration, repair of parapet and wall on frontage
Duration :
February 2010 to April 2013