Formwork and concreting water intake and spillway

Romaine 4

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Project description

This project was the last phase of the Romaine hydroelectric Complex.

The Nordex – Cegerco general partnership has pooled their expertise to carry out the formwork and concreting of the water intake and the spillway for Romaine 4.

This mandate included 2 permanent structures to be built:

  • First, the water intake, represented a complex project of 8,500 m³ of concrete, over a height of 38 m. The work schedule included the construction of a significant part of the concrete in winter conditions. To do this, it was necessary to build a large shelter to start this work.
  • The second phase, the spillway, although larger, 11,500 m³, was easier to carry out since we were able to suspend work during the winter and continue it in spring.

This ambitious schedule was made possible thanks to the great expertise in formwork and concreting work developed by the two partners, which alone totaled almost 70% of the concrete poured over the entire Romaine Complex 1, 2, 3 and 4.



Customer :
Localisation :
Romaine Complex, Quebec
Services :
Formwork and concreting water intake and spillway
Duration :
October 2018 to December 2019
Partnership :
Nordex - Cegerco s.e.n.c