Concreting of the plant and related works

Romaine 3

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Project description

As part of the construction project for the La Romaine hydroelectric complex and guaranteeing the works carried out at the La Romaine 1 site, Cegerco continued its momentum and successfully carried out the concreting work on the Romaine 3 plant.

The first phase of the project involved concreting the 55 m long vacuum cleaners and penstocks to allow a third party contractor to continue installing the spiral covers and valves.

In parallel to our work, and unlike La Romaine 1, we also assembled the steel structure and the precast concrete elements constituting the plant building.

Following the installation of the spiral tarpaulins, we continued our concreting work with the coating of the latter to ensure their long-term stability. The plumbing, electrical and architectural work, phase 1, was done at the same time.

The power station, equipped with two Francis turbines, will have an electricity production capacity of 395 MW and its commissioning is scheduled for 2017. This work required the installation of 28,000 m³ of concrete.

Despite the rock problems that the work site caused, at the start of the mandate, Cegerco was able to catch up ten (10) weeks behind on the overall schedule and thus complete the project on the scheduled dates, and this at inside six months only.
All of the work was carried out in compliance with quality control requirements. Once again, Cegerco is particularly proud in terms of health and safety, no major accident despite very difficult operating conditions.






Customer :
Localisation :
Romaine Complex, Quebec
Services :
Concreting of the plant and related works
Duration :
December 2015 to May 2017