Biomethane plant

BFI Canada, Lachenaie

Customer :

BFI Canada

Project description

Partnerships: Acier Bata, Ventilation 22C, Électricité Gilles Leduc and Allaire et Courchesne Architects.

BFI Canada has invested approximately $ 50 million in this biomethane plant project, of which $ 13.5 million has been entrusted to Cegerco for the management of the project.

As early as 2010, we started collaborating on this project with the analysis of construction costs. In June 2012, BFI Canada decided to go ahead with the project, so we prepared an advanced budget study and started designing the building.

This major project to convert biogas from the company’s landfill to biomethane that can be injected directly into the TransCanada pipeline consisted of planning and constructing the building and installing the process equipment used for the treatment. biogas, including IT integration of the process. Biomethane, it should be remembered, can be compared to an ecological version of natural gas of fossil origin. It is therefore more “green”.

Even if this technology exists elsewhere, this project represents a first in North America given the exceptional capacity of the BFI Canada plant in Lachenaie.

The work took place over 14 months with the start of the delivery of biomethane in September 2014.






Customer :
BFI Canada
Localisation :
Lachenaie, Quebec
Landfill Center
Services :
Design with partnerships
Plan and construct the building
Electrical and mechanical services
Installation of process equipment
Duration :