Extension and renovation of the parking, lot 105.1

Roberval Courthouse

Customer :

Quebec society of infrastructures

Project description

Lot 150.1 of the Roberval Courthouse Expansion and Renovation project involved the construction of a new parking area on the south side of the Courthouse.

In summary, the stages of realization were the following:

  • Demolition and dismantling of existing structures on the new parking area
  • Excavation and civil works
  • Installation of street drains
    Installation of rainwater drainage pipe
  • Connection to the water network and installation of pipes for a fire hydrant
  • Paving of the parking lot and part of the boul. Saint Joseph
  • Landscaping and construction of a rain garden
  • Parking lot lineage

The short lead time for this project added an additional level of difficulty to the mandate. The frost period had to be avoided, especially for paving, landscaping and concreting work.
In addition, the project had to comply with LEED certification. We had to have innovative ideas in the way we carry out certain works to reduce the ecological footprint of the project.



Customer :
Quebec society of infrastructures
Localisation :
Roberval, Quebec
Services :
Extension and renovation of the parking lot, pavement and landscape
Duration :
September 2019 to June 2020
Certification :