Valves guides replacement, Carillon Dam


Customer :


Project description

The main purpose of this contract was all mechanical and civil work necessary to repair the right bank gravity dam (BPRD) to consolidate concrete structures and ensure the functionality of valves 1 and 12 of the spillway of Carillon.

The expansion effect of the concrete due to the alkali-aggregate reaction (RAG) caused various problems within the works of the Carillon power station. This phenomenon affected different sections of the right bank gravity dam (BPRD) as well as the functionality of valves 1 and 12.

The project included the following works:

  • Supply and installation of anchor bolts for the consolidation of the groove of pillar no. 1 revision beams. These works were carried out underwater by divers.
  • Consolidation of stud 4 of the BPRD before demolition with anchor studs
  • Removal and replacement of reactive concrete from the upper part of studs 3 and 4 of the BPRD
  • Supply and installation of reinforcement, formwork and concrete for studs 3 and 4 of the BPRD
  • Consolidation of pillar n ° 1 with anchor studs
  • Design, supply and installation of all upstream cofferdams of the BPRD
  • Design of all forms, work platforms and wastewater protection and recovery system
  • Removal and replacement of valve guides # 1
  • Supply and installation of valve guides n ° 1

This project spanned 6 months and employed a team of 3 managers. At the peak of the work, almost 20 specialized workers were required.



Customer :
Localisation :
Carillon, Quebec
Services :
Consolidation of the gravity dam
Replacement of valve guides
Duration :
July 2010 to January 2011
General Contractor :
Project Manager :
François Caron, ing.