Iron mine project, phase II

Lac Bloom

Customer :

CLIFFS Natural Resources

Project description

The infrastructure built represented the placement of approximately 23,000 m³ of concrete over a period of 14 months, mainly divided into three sectors:

  • the crusher sector,
  • the recovery sector,
  • and the concentrator sector.

The main part was the concentrator building where the ore will be transformed into iron concentrate. This building has a dimension of 65 X 65 meters. Our work included the construction of foundations, bases for processing equipment and concrete slabs.

The second part of this sector consists of the service building where we find, in addition to administrative services, all control rooms as well as electrical and mechanical building services for the concentrator.

The third part of this sector is the process water tank with a capacity of around 2 million liters.
In addition to the placement of concrete, our work also included several related works such as: embankments, the installation of membranes and sealing blades, metalwork and embedded parts.

An important part of a project located in a region far from urban centers is the rotation of employees in fly-in, fly-out. These leaves require staff adaptation and versatility in addition to careful planning.





Customer :
CLIFFS Natural Resources
Localisation :
Lac Bloom, Quebec
Services :
Concreate work
Duration :
2011-2012, 14 months