Concreting penstocks, water intake and phase II Power Plant


Customer :

James Bay Energy Society

Project description

Eastmain-1-A project is a part of Mega Generating station Eastmain , Sarcelle and derivation of  Rupert River, from James Bay Energy Company. The entire project added a production capacity of 8.7 twh to the Quebec power grid, including 2.3 for the Eastmain-1-A plant.

Concreting: penstocks and water intake

  • Cegerco-Inter-Cité (CIC) carried out the concreting of the penstocks and the water intake, which represented approximately 41,000 m3 of concrete in ± 125 lifts.
  • The contract started with the construction of prefabricated formwork which would be used to concret the bent part of the penstocks, and this, in our installations of La Baie, Quebec. For this contract, we called on Mecfor Company (equipment manufacturer) to manufacture two platforms for us to access the inclined sections of these penstocks (inclination of 55 degrees) to carry out the drilling, finishing and injection.

We delivered the penstocks one (1) month in advance and as much for the water intake.

Concreting: plant, phase II

Concreting is subdivided into 3 parts:

  • Construction of diffusers, pillars of downstream valves and construction of the downstream wall of the power plant: these works represent around 10,500 m3 of concrete out of a total of 27,000 m3 and require high precision for the hydraulic passages and the placement of concrete and anchoring for valve grooves;
  • The coating of the parts of the turbine and related elements which must be embedded in the concrete;
  • The installation of prefabricated elements for the floors of transformers and alternators.
Customer :
James Bay Energy Society
Localisation :
James Bay, Quebec
Services :
Concreting :
- Power Plant
- Penstocks
- Water intake

Duration :
November 2008 to November 2010