Paugan Power Station refection

Low, Gatineau

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Project description

Paugan Power Station refection, repairs planned over four (4) years.
As part of the modernization of the Paugan power station, Hydro-Québec called on Cegerco. In 2010, two contracts were concluded: civil works for the renovation of the water intake, including the demolition of existing structures and their reconstructions, as well as civil, architectural and heating / ventilation works in the power plant. This project started with groups 3 and 4 in a difficult to access area.
The client’s schedule, for the different types of interventions, for example: 6 weeks of work and required two teams on two shifts. Several constraints posed a particular challenge: the existing building was in production and the work was superimposed, which required very precise planning of the steps to be followed. Then, we had to work in a cramped well 53 feet deep where access was very difficult and in which we had to install a pumping system to recover the infiltration water and a dedusting system for the health of our workers . Considering the narrowness of the site, no conventional demolition equipment could be used.
With its expertise, Cegerco has acquired two (2) equipment, one for demolition whose physical characteristics and remote operation increase productivity very significantly, while ensuring greater protection for operator and an electric wall saw that reduces time loss and significantly improves productivity in sawing jobs. The difficulties encountered had delayed the start of our work. This new equipment and the improvement of our working methods have meant that, despite the addition of additional work requested by the client, the work schedule for Group No. 4 could be brought forward.




Customer :
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Low, 50 km N-E Gatineau, Quebec
Services :
Project Execution in Plans-Specifications
Duration :
2010 to 2014 : Split in Four, (6) months Phases