Construction Latchford Dam

North Bay, Ontario

Customer :

Publics works and Canada Services

Project description

This water retaining and regulating structure is located 130 km north of North Bay, Ontario. The Latchford dam construction project was carried out in a 50/50 joint venture with the firm Demathieu and Bard, with which Cegerco had already carried out major work of more than $ 125 million, together (Rapide-des-Cœurs and Chute-Allard).

In general, the work at Latchford consisted of replacing the old existing spillway with new infrastructure built downstream.
This project executed in two phases included among others:

  • construction of gravel cofferdams and metal caissons
  • rock cleaning
  • drilling and blasting
  • construction of a new spillway 110 m long and 8 m high

This dam had two abutments and 14 pillars for a total of 5,000 m³ of concrete.
The mechanics included the 250 m of rail, the dam guides and valves as well as the gantry crane and the demolition of the old 2,500 m³ spillway.
As already mentioned, this work was carried out in two phases, for a work period of 74 weeks over a total duration of the contract of 30 months.

The challenge of this project was above all at the environmental level in order to control the particles and residues from demolition and construction in the Montreal river.


Customer :
Publics works and Canada Services
Localisation :
Latchford, Ontario
Services :
Demolition of the spillway
Construction of a new spillway
Duration :
April 2015 to September 2017
Partnership :
Demathieu and Bard