Construction of a permanent bridge

Romaine 2

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Project description

In December 2010, Cegerco was selected by Hydro-Quebec, La Romaine 2 project, for the construction of an 80-meter-long bridge over the Romaine River.

Before the bridge abutments were built, we had to excavate the rock to ensure perfect adhesion between the abutments and the underlying soil. However, the soil held some surprises for us because of its disparity and we had to excavate more deeply than expected with all the implications for water control. After the start of the difficult work who having caused a delay, we worked hard to build the abutments before the spring water flooded.
After the flood period, we set up the steel structure. This installation was particularly problematic given the significant weight of the master beams and two junctions that had to be made over the river. In order to install these beams, we carried out an embankment in the river, all in compliance with environmental standards, to allow the installation of temporary supports and that of the crane necessary for the placement of these beams.


Pour notre client, le projet fut une réussite qui s’est réalisé en respectant tous les critères requis : la sécurité, la qualité, les normes environnementales et l’échéancier.

Customer :
Localisation :
Romaine Complex, Quebec
Services :
Construction and installation of a permanent bridge
Duration :
January to December 2011