Electric substation Bout-de-l’Ile


Customer :


Project description

Hydro-Quebec awarded this contract to the partnership company Construction St-Arnaud – Cegerco s.e.p., in June 2016 for the Bout-de-l’Ile substation, east of Montreal, it’s a new departure of the 735 kV line and 330 MVA inductor.

The contract included:

  • The construction of a transformer basin with a fire wall
  • Rock excavation ± 200 m³
  • Construction of ± 150 concrete foundations, anchored to the rock (450 m³)
  • Excavation and backfill inside the substation (4,500 m³)
  • Construction of electric mass (260 lin.)
  • Installation of prefabricated levels
  • Assembly of structures supplied by Hydro-Québec
  • Installation of equipment

The main difficulty encountered during the work was located at the very brittle rock of the Montreal region. This problem did not prevent reaching the contractual objectives of this project.


Customer :
Localisation :
Montreal East, Quebec
Services :
Construction of the 735 kV line substation and 330 MVA inductor
Duration :
August 8, 2016 to November 10, 2016
Partnership :
Company Construction St-Arnaud