Power Plant concreting & Architecture Phase 1

Romaine 1

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Project description

This first phase consisted of concreting to allow the installation of the penstocks, spiral covers and electricalequipment by a third-party contractor. After the installation of this equipment, we have carried out the coating of these installations with concrete to ensure their long-term stability. This work required precision and thoroughness to ensure that no displacement of the existing equipment would take place and that the concrete would perfectly coat the equipment to avoid any vibration during the subsequent operation of the plant.

In parallel with the concreting works, we carried out the architectural work of the power plant envelope, mainly the roofing and insulation works.

The plant will have a capacity of 270 MW in electricity production and Cegerco has poured and put in place about 32 882 m3 of concrete.

The work was carried out in compliance with quality assurance requirements and Cegerco advanced the deadlines in all stages of the project.

We are particularly proud to have completed the works with zero major accidents on the site despite the difficult conditions.

Customer :
Localisation :
Romaine 1
Services :
Power Plant concreting
Architecture Phase 1
Other related works
Duration :
2013 to 2015
Cost :
60 M$