STM Cote Vertu

Garage concreting and other civil works

Customer :

STM - Montreal Transports Company

Project description

In November 2020, the STM stopped work on the Garage Côte Vertu because it was unable to reach an agreement with the incumbent contractor. Following this event, the Société des Transports de Montréal issued a call for tenders to complete the completion of this work, or about 10% of the structural concrete to be built.
The contract was awarded to Cegerco in March 2021, with the very specific mention of delivering the work in December 2021.

The contract was essentially divided into three sectors:

  • The sector of the beam
    The beam is a concrete structure 55m long x 60m wide, with a height of 19m. The work to be completed consisted of 50% of the walls on 7m high and complete the entire roof slab
  • The sector of the cork
    This mass concrete structure is used to seal the ramp used to build the tunnel
  • Access and ventilation structure SA 09 
    The constructed structure compares to a 15m high concrete cage

The main problems encountered during the execution of this contract were the very tight schedule and the technical complexity of the rock structures designed to last 100 years.

Cegerco was able to meet this planning challenge and the technical constraints desired by the client while respecting the completion of the work planned for December 2021.

Customer :
STM - Montreal Transports Company
Localisation :
STM garage Cote Vertu
Services :
Civil works
Duration :
April 2021 - December 2021
Cost :
$27.6 M
Project Manager :
Denis Fortier